San Press is the literary imprint of Teh People that publishes handmade, artisanal chapbooks, artist books and experimental zines.

Gradations 1 & 2 – Zines [Preorder: $22-$28]

Gradations I & II by Jasmine Gui and Mirae Lee is a pair of risograph printed illustrated poetry zines. This zine set comes with three washi band types, a fine press hand-bound option, and a sticker sheet add-on!

If A Carp Dreams Of The Milky Way – Accordion Book [$15]

If a Carp Dreams of the Milky Way by Jasmine Gui is a long meditative poem on grief, and the limitations of language to hold such grief. This chapbook comes in an accordion-folded structure meant to mimic the vertical fluidity of a scroll.

Referent – Print [$15]

A put-it-together yourself zine by jabs featuring 20 watercolour image cards and 20 poetry cards.

Notes on Twenty Five – Print [$12]

Notes on Twenty-Five is a hand-cut, hand-bound zine by jabs featuring 25 poems and paper-cut images.

boke – ebook [$5]

boke is a blue collection, a rainy collection, a walking collection of poems about the journey of looking and not seeing exactly, but seeing enough.