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San means three;
a number of mythology, philosophy, spirituality and folklore;
an archive of meaning making.
a site for many stories.

San is a micro press housed under Teh People Studio.

San takes inspiration from its name to meditate on relational pathways of creation, and reflects our love for the play and labour involved in meaning-making.

San is interested in content of all kinds, and centers storytellers who want to work in interdisciplinary formats. This includes print, digital, audio-visual, live performance, and installation formats. We love alternative, speculative configurations of literature and literary experiences, and are interested in bending and breaking convention, form and language in meaningful and creative ways.

We publish zines, chapbooks, experimental print objects, and hybrid art forms three times a year (March, July, December). If you are into stories, inter-art projects, collaboration and experiential, affective modes of work, say hello!

Forms Of Interest

  • Mixed Media
  • Poetry
  • Short Forms
  • Performance
  • Comics
  • Non-Fiction
  • Illustration
  • Prints

Submissions currently closed.

Are you interested in publishing with San? Please send an inquiry email to

2021 Titles

Our Bodies & Other Fine Machines (Special Edition) – ORDER

Poetry by Natalie Wee
Cover Design and Layout by Ryookyung Kim
Special collaboration with Wenting Li

Preorders available starting July 2021
Launch August 8th, 2021

A survival manifesto and celebration song both, Our Bodies & Other Fine Machines by Natalie Wee, special edition, is reimagined as both poetry collection and art object. Featuring never-before-seen poems and re-interpreted older poems, this edition asks us to consider what it means to exist in bodies that are pathways to extremes of grief and joy. Illustrating the body as a site of resistance, lineage, and testimony, this collection invites you to explore both the tremendous suffering and radiant possibilities of living: “watch me swallow / the hardest thing / my body has made / & live.”

Natalie Wee is a queer community-builder and the author of Our Bodies & Other Fine Machines. She was named the first runner-up for the 2020 Pacific Spirit Poetry Prize, the winner of the 2019 Blue Mesa Review Summer Contest for poetry, and a finalist for the Best of the Net. Born in Singapore to Malaysian parents, she is currently a settler in Tkaronto.

The first print run of this special edition is accompanied by a special illustrated print by Wenting Li

Wenting Li is an illustrator, painter and comics-maker born in Sichuan, China & working out of Tkaronto. Wenting is interested in colour and shape, nonlinear storytelling, the subtleties of complementing diversity in story with representation and image, and tracing curves

slip/bound – edition 1


Gradations I & Gradations IIPURCHASE

Poetry by Jasmine Gui, Illustrations by Mirae Lee
Layout by Ryookyung Kim
Launched in May 2021

Gradations I & II is a pair of risograph printed illustrated poetry zines. Each zine is a single long poem where the speaker goes for a meandering walk and has a tender conversation with somebody. The landscape is real. Or not. The speaker is the same in both zines, but the stories are set a decade apart. Despite all the relationships found, lost and changed along the way, here we are nonetheless.


there was already too much:
sweetgrass prickling our shadows teetering
on white fence tops;

from Gradations I

How should we get there,
asks the pressure of your finger

on the spine of my question,

from Gradations II

Mirae Lee is a cultural producer, translator, and illustrator from Tkaronto. She is also the co-founder of choa magazine, an online publication bringing together voices of Korean women in the diaspora. Her creative practice is grounded in her relationship with the land she resides, with music always playing in the background.