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Wandering To Inevitable Arrivals (ft. Penrose Press)

What does the creative process sound like between you?

It’s sometimes as if Natalie and I are speaking different languages that we can each understand more or less.

I don’t know if I could ever work on my own, now that I’ve experienced working so closely with another person.

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But beautiful things, as Matisse shows, always carry greetings from other worlds within them … The requirement for plenitude is built-in. The palm will always be found.

Elaine Scarry, On Beauty and Being Just

Documentation, Journal

Twenty-Five Documentation (a jabs exhibition)

Photo documentation for all 25 paper cut / watercolour pieces that were exhibited as part of jabs’ Twenty-Five exhibition. Each print was 9″x 9″, set in a 10″ x 10″ white wood frame, with a 1″ bevel cut white card stock border. Each piece was cut from hand-pulled paper created at an Artscape Gibraltar residency […]

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For some things there are no wrong seasons. Which is what I dream of for me.

Mary Oliver, Hurricane

Teh Community


April 25th – Opening Night187 Augusta, Kensington, TorontoDoors Open 5PM.Event Details on FB Twenty-Five is a process-based creative meditation on healing and labour. How do we come to know the lines and shapes of ourselves and what do we take with us as we journey? Featuring 25 hand-cut and watercolour prints on handmade paper, and […]

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Opens Studio, But Why?

The woes of being an artist are compounded by the woes of being a community arts organizer. Neither job field is known for paying well (or at all), and both job fields promise intense labour with no guarantee of success. So why, in 2019, after almost 5 years of full-time work in the creative arts […]

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