Artist Profile: Ryookyung Kim

Ryookyung Kim is the Layout Designer for Gradations I and Gradations II

What are some rituals you use to get into a creative workflow?

  • Spending time outdoors when I can, observing the trees and wildlife. Sitting in direct view of the sun so that I may absorb its light.
  • An indulgent amount of time spent sitting (or laying) and pondering. Dreaming.
  • Starting off the day with light stretches, tea, and flowing freely with my body.

Do you have a favourite illustration in the books? 

I love the very first illustration of the sky with a violet-sunflower gradient. I’m so drawn to its simplicity and simultaneous complexity in making me feel all the feels.

Do you have a favourite poem quote in the books?


How should we get there,
asks the pressure of your finger
on the spine of my question,
a mark widening into the ribcage of a city.

(from Gradations II)

The visual quality of these words, so delicious !! 

Does book materiality matter to you? If yes, why?

I really enjoy the texture of toothed papers and the weight of books in my palms. It greatly shapes my experience when relating to a book and its contents.

What colours do you find yourself working with lately?

I’ve been really admiring colour palettes from cartoons, specifically Steven Universe and Sailor Moon.

Any projects you want to promote? 

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