“Referent” is an illustration/poetry collage-turned-zine detailing landscapes and vignettes from the cities of Hong Kong and Toronto, places that Abby and I both have ties to. The web-based format of the original collage piece is a play on the lack of a single point of origin, and is largely a gathering of loose snapshots that we construct our homes out of, as opposed to a fixed narrative pathway.

The hand-cut and hand-bound zine features empty pages, lined with photo corner tags and sold with a stack of hand-cut 24 poems and 24 illustrations onto 2.5″ square cards.

“Referent” the zine is a put-it-together yourself zine, allowing individuals to free associate the connections between these images and poems. In line with the spirit of the visual art piece, every “Referent” zine will be different from the last, because of a different curating hand and eye. Process Video [by jasmine]